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    Decorating and Organizing with Glass Jars

    I recently came across this post on using Clear jars for storage.  I love my glass containers and use various sized one’s for storing my dry goods in the kitchen.

    fishingluresWhy spend a whack of money on plastic expensive storage containers when you can get inexpensive (check your thrift stores) and safe (no BPA) glass jars?

    I use several large jars for my regular and instant oatmeal


    I love these glass medicine bottles.  They are the perfect size for storing a full bottle of extract.


    I picked up several of these wide mouth mason jars for a quarter at a yard sale.  The opening is larger than the standard jars and makes it easy to scoop coffee and other hot beverage mixes out.


    Before tossing this oil and vinegar jar in the trash I knew it would be perfect for storing my dishwashing soap.  So much more attractive than a plastic bottle on the edge of the sink.  I also save money when I buy the soap in bulk where I simply have to fill it up as need be.


    So before tossing those glass jars in the trash rethink their use in the kitchen

    For more kitchen tips visit Tammy’s recipes.  My #1 source for recipes in my household.  They are all fabulous and easy to follow, I tossed out my cookbooks after finding this site.  This week Amy from Finer things in life is hosting kitchen tips.

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  • I love storing in my mason jars, whether it’s my grains, sugar or even homemade croutons. We too are making the switch away from plastic containers. I never thought about the vinegar bottle for soap. Thanks for the idea!

  • I love glass jars as well! In fact, I did a post in Feb. about the many ways I use them in my house. Feel free to check out the link to my blog.

    I had not thought of the soap one. I’ll have to give it a try.


  • I love jars, but my kitchen floor is stone. Anything that touches it shatters into a zillion pieces. And I can’t even blame “how I know that” on my kids… *sigh*

  • I bookmarked this site, Thank you for good job!